About me

I am a post-doctoral researcher in the Subjectivity, Brain & Viscera lab of Catherine Tallon-Baudry, at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, France. My work focuses on the interaction between the brain and the heart, and how the interaction between these organs shapes our subjective experience of emotion. To study these questions, I use EEG combined with a range of physiological measures (skin conductance, facial EMG, ECG, and eyetracking).

In general, my research interests lie in affective neuroscience, brain stimulation methods, and consciousness research. 

Next to my post-doctoral research, I am also involved in the Equality & Diversity committee of the département d’études cognitives, and work as a lecturer and instructor for the European TMS certification course


I completed a BSc in Biological Psychology at Maastricht University, followed by a Research Master degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. As part of my Master’s degree, I spend 1 year working at the Danish Research Center for Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Copenhagen, where I learned concurrent TMS-fMRI acquisition techniques under the supervision of Axel Thielscher. I then moved back to Maastricht for my PhD degree, which I completed at the Cognitive Neuroscience department of Maastricht University. Here I was part of the Brain and Emotion lab of Beatrice de Gelder, and the Brain Stimulation and Cognition group of Alexander Sack. During my PhD, my projects focused around questions concerning the link between emotion observation (using bodily expressions of emotion) and action observation/preparation, as well as investigating variability typically observed in TMS outcome measures. After obtaining my PhD degree, I moved to Paris where I started a post-doc position in the lab of Catherine Tallon-Baudry.